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Continue to be a part of the delicious food journey with our Kloud kitchen, one of the best restaurants in South Kolkata, and learn more about us and our culinary wonders. We will be your food guide while you delve into some of the most exotic dishes.


Monday - Sunday | 11AM - 11PM

Signature Dishes

Happy & Tasty Meals

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Tandoori Chacha 4U

Sanjib Da Dhaba 4U

In helping others, lies pure joy!

Lending out a helping hand to all those who need a little care and love, is like serving God. In feeding the needy, we grow one step closer to the Almighty.

Legend Says!

"Diet food is not a meal, it's a medicine."

- Amit Kalantri

"Do not blame the food because you have no appetite."

- Rabindranath Tagore

"Never underestimate the power of good food. Eating delicious food can be a life - changing experience."

- Shon Mehta

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